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in digital content capture and management solutions, today

A complete set of applications tailored to make capture and management of digital content as smooth and easy as possible 

Our story

For almost 20 years, Indico has provided our customers with products that help improve and assess digital content.

Indico was established in 2002, as a company to develop the world's best "digital recording" solutions from the southern city of Grimstad in Norway. in the following years, Indico succeeded in in securing the important frame agreement with the Norwegian Police to deliver a force-wide "digital Interview recording" solution. 

Today, a large number of European Police Forces regard indico as a trusted partner to fulfil all requirements related to their digital evidence. The Norwegian Police are still among these forces.

Bringing forth all the knowledge and knowhow gathered throughout the years, we are proud to present our wide range of products to make sure that no matter your profession, Indico has a solution for you.


Presenting our trustworthy "Indico Suite"

For over 20 years, the "Indico Suite" has been provided to enhance the work of customers around the world.

Indico Recorder, Indico Server and the GQM are proven solutions that will make sure that your data follow the chain-of-evidence and make data capture a breeze.

Product shortcuts

David Horn is a market leader in the design, development and production of innovative video surveillance and recording equipment.

David Horn has a wide range of law enforcement products, including the very latest digital interviewing recording systems, is the first choice of police, military and government agencies worldwide. 

Great value is placed upon building sound long-term relationships with customers by consistently providing dependable technical back-up and support. 

The company, with its headquarters in Luton just north of London, is strategically placed within minutes of the M1 motorway, major trunk roads, north-south rail lines and the London-Luton international Airport.


Capture and assess digital content in the cloud

With the Evidence Suite, we aim to shine a light on evidence, truth and safety across multiple professions, lifestyles and corporations.

The Evidence Suite is a set of applications that will give you the tools to capture and manage data in a secure and quick manner, where security and privacy are of the utmost importance.

Product shortcuts

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