Through commitments and strategic partnerships, we aim to reduce torture and improve child protection worldwide!

PROMISE2 // Child Protection HUB

When you have TV for children, shouldn't you have police for children as well? From humble beginnings in Iceland, you now have just that in all Nordic countries.


PROMISE2 and Child Protection HUB has for long been the spearhead in the Barnahus-movement and its aim to implement the model across Europe.


Indico are therefore proud strategic partners with PROMISE2 and Child Protection HUB. With our collaboration we hope to improve children's rights through a Barnahus-institution and a DIR-solution!


Relevant links:


- DIR-Factsheet

- Webinar on DIR


Intersol Global

 Intersol Global and its team of professionals have been been key players in the development of investigative interviewing methods and procedures all around the world. 

Befriending Intersol Global could not be more natural to Indico, together we now supply the whole chain of services and software to ... the Globe!

Relevant links:

- Intersol Global

- Training programs 


International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (IiiRG)

It is not to be taken lightly that the professional foundation of our company comes from the Investigative Interviewing method. We would not have been where we are now without the dedicated professionals with strong ambition to improve modern policing through better practices. 

Indico have been, and still are, proud sponsors of the IiiRG initiative!

"The iIIRG is a worldwide network of interviewing professionals, working tirelessly with national and international bodies committed to improving investigative interviewing and ensuring all improvements are underpinned by a robust evidence base."

Relevant links:

- International Investigative Interviewing Research Group


Dr Andy Griffiths (iKAT)

Seeing the unique practical and theoretical composition that Dr Andy Griffiths provides and the fact that his contributions have improved European, American and Asian police forces on so many levels, we could not forgo the chance to work with him.


In a cooperation Indico and Dr Andy Griffiths now deliver a one-of-a-kind interview assessment tool for self-training of police officers and alike.

Relevant links:

- Dr Andy Griffiths web page

- GQM™ powered by Indico 

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