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Provide a secure and managed connector between you and other parties

Stay connected!


An in-the-field solution for capturing digital evidence!


Evidence Proxy has a high configurability to make sure that your requirements are met


Proxy organises your uploads, as well as validations, metadata and more

Install on anything (almost)

Evidence Proxy has very low hardware requirements, which allow you to install it on almost anything

One to many transfer

Gather files from a source and transfer it to one or several sources


Attractive Features

Evidence Proxy has a long list of attractive features to ensure that you maximise your potential. Making sure that you do your job quicker, more accurately and more effortlessly than ever before!

Stay connected!

A secure and managed connector between your solutions

Evidence Proxy is your lifeline between your different solutions.

 Gather data from several sources and adapt it to your specifications.

Funnel your data to a designated target, where Evidence Proxy manages both files, validations, metadata as well as coordinating queues and tasks in a simple way, making life easy for

you and your designated target source

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