One solution

Indico is a solution for the recording and safeguarding of digital evidence.

It is designed to minimise human interaction and to maximise focus and accuracy.

Indico secures evidential records-recording on every device and supplies its users with autonomous transfer and archiving, customisable retention policies and redaction tools.

Capture images, video and audio recordings on your smartphone, PC or tablet. 

Manage all your captured files with the Indico Server solution.

Distribute evidence securely to third parties while maintaining the original and chain of custody.


Different use cases

Indico is in use by several different sectors where there is a focus on safety in chain-of-evidence and controlled data ownership, combined with high efficiency and usability. It started as a Police product but has moved far beyond the Justice Sector.


Our products

A complete digital evidence system to manage, analyse and protect your evidential data.

An in-the-field solution for capturing digital evidence! Transform information into evidence.

A user-friendly and “ready for court” application for the recording of all types of interview sessions.

Indico Recorder

One-of-a-kind analytics tool for all types of interviews

– from clinical to forensic!


Market footprint

Indico Systems AS was established in the year 2000 through cooperative initiatives with the Norwegian Police. Our headquarter is based in Norway, and we have offices in Great Britain, Estonia, Germany and the USA.


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