Here you will find relevant information about our logo, how to use it and a link to download it

About the logo

Projects and companies using the Indico logo are encouraged to use it on their websites, brochures, packaging, and elsewhere.

You may not use the logo or its likeness as a company logo or for any other commercial purpose without permission from Indico Systems.

In general, we want the logo to be used as widely as possible to promote Indico.

Derivative versions of the Indico logo are generally prohibited, as they dilute Indico's brand identity. However, please contact Indico via email if you have any questions.

The logo must always be displayed at a size large enough to read the logo. This will vary based on the resolution of the medium it is being used in.

It is critical to maintain an open area surrounding the Indico logo so it remains recognizable and does not become lost in other page elements.

No visual item may encroach on the clear space area around the logo device, or be attached or connected to the logo device other than a solid background which does not obscure its visibility.

You cannot use another organization or product name relative to the logo device within the larger clear space shown above.


This is done especially to avoid confusion between the Indico logo and other words or graphics.

The wordmark used for the Indico logo is Metro DF lowercase, but you should not, in any case, recreate the wordmark typographically - always use the official logo provided by Indico.

The logo may appear in only three colour choices; black, white or the selected blue. Do not use any other colours in presenting the logo or alter these colour selections in any way - such as incorporating a tint, a fade or other devices.

Be careful with using colour pro­files on the web in order to maintain accurate colours. Use the ­files provided by Indico if possible.

Indico blue -                  RGB: (0,21,43)                   HEX: #00152b

Sometimes it is more appropriate to produce branded publications and other communications using a digital process -- such as printing from a computer directly to a desktop laser or ink-jet printer.


Local settings and calibrations should be used to determine the best colour specifications for your particular printer.

When your Indico logo is reproduced onscreen in slide presentations, in video, or online for the web, RGB or web colour logos should be used.


Onscreen applications use RGB (red/green/blue) values to simulate colour as seen above.

The logo can be used on black, white or solid colour background. The white background is the preferred choice.


When used on a coloured background, it must be used in a colour choice that provides proper contrast.

Below are some examples of what NOT TO DO when using the Indico logo.

Logo download

Below you will find the Indico logo in Indico blue, black and white.

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