As our Australian partner, we proudly present:

Redfish Technologies is a specialist suppliers of evidential recording and data systems.  These solutions are tailored towards law enforcement organisations such as Police, Immigration, Customs, Homeland Security, Defence, Intelligence, Compliance Inspectors and Private Security Services within the Australian, New Zealand and the wider SE Asian region.


Redfish, using the Indico Systems state of the art digital recording and management software partners this with integrated commercial-grade Audio/Visual systems to provide the solutions for fixed or portable interview environments.


Additionally, we can provide secure mobile device evidence capture solutions with seamless connection to evidence storage server solutions all built around the Indico software suite of products.


Redfish can provide a turnkey solution ensuring evidence interconnectivity from multiple capture sources into one homogeneous evidence management system. This can be achieved across geographically diverse locations, connected securely and sharing evidence seamlessly whether in real-time or post-capture.

Redfish Technologies offers the following services:​​

  • Consultancy and Design Services

  • Build and Implementation Services

  • Integration and Support of Evidence Systems

  • Interview Room Design & Speech Intelligibility Testing (STI)

  • Multi-Year Maintenance Services

Solutions offered are:

  • Digital interview recording systems meeting compliance to state and federal requirements

  • Audiovisual solutions to support the capture of evidence

  • State of the art mobile evidence capture, investigative and documentation systems

  • Secure central storage systems to manage the interview recording and plus evidence capture and provide secure access for review.


Stuart Herring - Managing Director

+61 (0)8 9288 0611


David Harrison - Development Manager

+61 (0)8 9288 0611


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