Medical and Medical Simulation

Thanks to innovation and the adoption of new technology, the advancements in medical treatments have been extraordinary over the recent years. To continue this trend, medical centres are now turning to recording solutions for learning and study purposes. Indico Systems have lately supplied the best breed of hardware and software to numerous hospitals and psychology treatment centres – with huge success!

Recording quality audio and video in the tricky situations of operations and such alike, demand more flexible, versatile, and robust hardware, but the requirements of usable software is as important. Apart from recording quality audio and video, our complete medical solution will enable teams of researchers, in-house or in another country, to collaborate on tasks and treatments in a dynamical fashion. An active use of our solution can secure further advancements in the medical sector, secure that patients receive the best treatment available, and secure a positive outcome in life-or-death situations.

The Solution

The Indico Medical Solution enables for an easy and secure recording of multiple audio and video sources as well as the distribution of it to authenticated users. The solution is fully customizable with options to store all recorded material on secure servers without the worry of access from un-authorized people or personnel.

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The Functionality

Our Medical Solution features:

  • Record and store all medical procedures on secure servers
  • Record HD quality audio and video for superior detail
  • Pause and rewind during an ongoing recording
  • Easily distribute live/archived medical procedures for educational purposes or live conference with remote specialists
  • Eliminate recording failures
  • Ensure authenticity of each recording
  • Distort sensitive audio and/or video elements of the recording
  • Export to DVD/CD, memory cards, centralized datacenter
  • Take snapshots during a procedure

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