Indico Server


We are very proud to present our new server solution the Indico Digital Evidence Server (IDES) – finally a server that tasks the complete storage and management of all digital evidence!

Central to our design philosophy has been to build a light, relevant and user-friendly platform without compromises – built on an open architecture with a complete “Chain-of-Custody”; the IDES ensures the best combination of security and user-friendliness evidence server on the market!

The IDES features among others:

  • Support for all digital evidence – from video recordings to documents
  • Securely grant internal and external access to live recording streams
  • Securely grant internal and external access to archived evidence
  • User defined permissions and settings through active directory (AD)
  • Editing tools for distortion of audio and pixilation of video
  • Distribute recordings easily and securely
  • Build-in transcription tool with a unique work flow
  • Web-based platform – no restrictions to operating system or needs of additional software
  • Advance retention policies
  • Monitor all actions through our Chain-of-Custody
  • Completely customizable
  • A complete Digital Asset Management System

Grant key stakeholders access to monitor ongoing interviews and interrogations from remote locations via secure logins and reduce the needs for physical presence and save valuable time and resources.

Transcribe interviews within minutes of its ending with our unique transcription tool. Besides the very best workflow, transcribers can access the session from any location through a secure login. This can save you time and money, but most importantly save valuable time and get access to the most competent and professional transcribers in the world. Upon completion, the documentation will automatically be attached to the recording or chosen to be distributed to a 3rd party application.

The IDES is “out-of-the-box” compatible with our client solutions – portable, handheld and fixed. Furthermore, our client and server solution is complimentary!

The IDES is fully compatible with Active Directory – a user rights module used by most private and public organisations. In such setup, users login with their own credentials without the needs of secondary usernames or passwords. In addition, the IDES can assign different rights to different users – from full access to “one-case-only” or even “audio-only”.

The IDES enables curtain users to distribute evidence, distorted or not, to approved recipients through the built-in distribution service while retaining the integrity of those involved. Upon distribution, the evidence becomes hardcoded watermarked such that all material becomes trackable. The distributer can also choose individual preview rights and for who long the preview should be accessible.

The IDES is an in-house solution that utilizes your current safety protocols that secures that your evidence remains under your control on your premises! –“Why entrust 3rd parties to secure the integrity of your evidence?”

With the utilization of the IDES’ live streaming service, editing and transcription tools, distribution services, secure archive, and more, you will enable your department’s personnel to become more efficient and more productive while still securing to comply with internal and external safety procedures.

Contact us to get access to a full video demo of our evidence enterprise solution (DIRs and DEMS).