Indico Recorder

Indico Recorder is a proven, intuitive and easier way to secure digital recording. It has all the functions you need for the accurate recording of live situations and comes with options of  fixed, mobile and movable cameras. 

Indico Recorder is the ideal solution and replaces technology that is out-dated, proprietary and prone to failure. It is available as a standalone solution, or can be connected to Indico Digital Evidence Server that allows for a fully networked solution.

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Indico Recorder features:

  • Multi-channel audio recording (NEW)
  • DVD password protection (NEW)
  • Reliable high quality recordings in standard formats
  • Brilliant warning and status updates for all potential failures
  • Intuitive and flexible user interface
  • Ensure authenticity of recordings
  • Optional In-program PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) control of multiple cameras
  • Simultaneously burning of multiple CD/DVD copies
  • Local or remote bookmarking/snapshot capability
  • Remote Start/Pause/Stop function
  • Available in the modes Video RecorderAudio Recorder and Audio Import (read more - Indico Audio Import).
  • User defined visual Watermark
  • Option to "burn with player" (Indico Player)
  • Multiple audio and video format support
  • Advanced search functionality in archive
  • User defined automatic deletion of recordings and retention policies
  • Multilingual
  • And more...

Download Indico Recorder Brochure